Monitor Actual Working Hours of Team and Projects.
Analyze the team’s performance at a glance.


auto-timesheetAuto Timesheets of Applications and Files Worked

project-activity-reportProject and Activity Reports in real-time

team-collaborationTeam Collaboration

catalog-file-webCataloguing of files used and web traffic

bad-work-habitsIdentify bad work habits

actual-working-hoursActual working hours

Monitor Time and Desk Activities


Auto recording of time spent on PC and Desk Activities

Works in invisible mode

White List the apps to record productive hours moreover fix the time on apps which are less productive and get the time exceed reports

Total time spent on internet, blacklist the URLs like facebook, youtube etc. and record the unproductive hours

Track Gmails and time spent on communication on mails

Project Management based on Agile Methodologies

Manage the tracked files, folder, or applications as project or tasks by tagging thus identify the time spent on the project or activities.

Auto logging of application (Xcode, studio, Autocad, phpstorm, Microsoft excel, keynote etc.) files and monitor the time spent.

Detailed reports of the individual's activities thus identify the in-efficient or bad work habits and turn to the efficient ones by pushing them via mentoring.

Analyse the performance in a glance and do the appraisals by having the actual working reports of the individual